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LBI Year Book

Published by Oxford University Press, and edited by Cathy Gelbin and David Rechter, the Leo Baeck Institute Year Book is the flagship journal of the Institute. Launched in 1956, the Year Book quickly established a reputation for scholarly excellence and remains at the forefront of its field. It serves as a forum for the dissemination and exchange of new ideas from a variety of perspectives and produces a high-quality annual snapshot of a dynamic and heterogeneous field of study. In addition to themed sections and assorted articles, the Year Book devotes regular space to memoirs and primary documents in order to convey some of the texture and colour of German-speaking Jewish history and culture. In order to promote new research, an annual essay prize for recent PhDs and postdoctoral researchers was established in 2011.

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Cathy S Gelbin and David Rechter

The Leo Baeck Institute Year Book, Volume 68, Issue 1, October 2023, Page ix,


I. IN MEMORIAM: PETER PULZER In Memoriam: Professor Peter Pulzer: 29 May 1929 – 26 January 2023

David Rechter

The Leo Baeck Institute Year Book, Volume 68, Issue 1, October 2023,…

Preface by Cathy S Gelbin and others


I. The enlightenment age and the Jews


Nothing Out of the Ordinary: The Life of Salomon Marcus by Kamila Lenartowicz Johann Gottfried Herder, Enlightenment Anthropology, and the Jew as a ‘Parasitic Plant’ by Carl Niekerk


II. Jews in Fin-De-Siècle Austria


Of Bug Crushers…
Preface by Cathy S Gelbin and others


I. German-Jewish agency in times of crisis


Introduction: German-Jewish Agency in Times of Crisis, 1914–1938 by David Jünger and Anna Ullrich Open the Gate: German Jews, the Foundation of Tel Aviv Port, and the Imagined Power of the Sea in 1936 by Björn Siegel Beyond Marginalization: The (German-)Jewish Soldiers’…

Preface By Cathy S. Gelbin, David Rechter, And Daniel Wildmann

I. Medieval Legacies 

Renate Evers: The 1484 Nuremberg Jewry Oath (More Judaico) Amir Engel: German-jewish Esotericism: The Case Of Meir Wiener’s Expressionist Kabbalah

II. German Jewish Encounters 

Amy Hill Shevitz And Susanne Hillman: Franz…

Preface by Cathy S Gelbin and others


I. Exile photography


Exile Photography: An Introduction by Ofer Ashkenazi and Daniel Wildmann Family Frames as Exile Photography by Talila Kosh-Zohar Image Transfer and Visual Friction: Staging Palestine in the National Socialist Spectacle by Rebekka Grossmann Cute Jews: Modernist Photographic Forms and Minor…

Preface By Cathy S. Gelbin, David Rechter, And Daniel Wildmann

I. Reinhard Rürup - Obituary

Claudia Buchwald: Reinhard Rürup - Ambassador Between Worlds (27 May 1934 - 6 April 2018)

II. Beyond The Negative Symbiosis: German-israeli Relationships In Film

Ofer Ashkenazi: Introduction          …

Preface by Cathy S Gelbin and others


I. Arnold Paucker - Obituary and article


Arnold Paucker: 6 January 1921–13 October 2016 by Peter Pulzer Speaking English with an AccentGet access by Arnold Paucker


II. Jewish conditions, shifting conceptions of nation and belonging


Introduction by Scott Spector Can…
Preface by Cathy S. Gelbin and others


I. German Jews in the Middle East


German Jews in the Middle East: New Perspectives by Menashe Anzi and Anja Siegemund “Greater Palestine” as a German-Zionist Idea before the British Mandate Period by Olivier Baisez The Middle East as a Temporary Haven: Jewish Medical Refugees in Turkey during the Second World War…
I. Austrian, Jewish, German, Czech: Reframing Max Brod and Prague Zionism


Introduction Max Brod in 2014 by Mark H. Gelber Max Brod and Hans-Joachim Schoeps: Literary Collaborators, Ideological Rivals by Abraham Rubin On Not Writing Hebrew: Max Brod and the ‘Jewish Poet of the German Tongue’ between Prague and Tel Aviv by Sebastian Schirrmeister


Preface By Cathy S. Gelbin And Raphael Gross  

I. Jews And Citizenship   

Introduction By Andreas Braemer And Gideon Reuveni   Gideon Reuveni: Emancipation Through Consumption: Moses Mendelssohn And The Idea Of Marketplace Citizenship   Michal Szulc: A Gracious Act Or Merely A Regulation Of Economic Activity? A Daily Life Perspective On…

Preface by Cathy S. Gelbin and Raphael Gross

I. Jews And The Law In Moderneurope: Emancipation, Destruction, Reconstruction

Introduction By Warren Rosenblum

Douglas G. Morris: The Dual State Reframed: Ernst Fraenkel’s Political Clients And His Theory Of The Nazi Legal System

Lisa Moses Leff: The Jewish Oath And The Making Of Secularism In Modern…

I. The German - Jewish Literary Canon   

Mark H. Gelber: Autobiography And History: Stefan Zweig, Theodor Herzl And Die   Welt Von Gestern   Caroline Jessen: ‘‘Vergangenheiten Haben Ihr Eigenes Beharrungsvermögen . . .’’   Josef Kastein And The troublesome Persistence Of A Canon Of German Literature In   Palestine/Israel   Sander L.…

I. John Grenville – Obituary And Interview       

Peter Pulzer: John Grenville 1928-2011   Bea Lewkowicz: An Interview By Dr Bea Lewkowicz With Professor John Grenville  


II. Jewish Life In The Early Modern Period       

Dean Phillip Bell: Navigating The Flood Waters:…

Preface By John Grenville And Raphael Gross  

I. Jewish And Islamic Studies   

Ismar Schorsch: Converging Cognates: The Intersection Of Jewish And Islamic Studies In Nineteenth Century Germany  

II. Overlapping Spheres   

Robert Liberles: Jews And Christians In Early Modern Germany   Yaacov Deutsch…

Preface by John A. S. Grenville and Raphael Gross

I. Discussion

The Future of German-Jewish Studies

II. Jewish Identity, Philosophy and Religious thinking

Nimrod Zinger: «Our hearts and spirits were broken»: The medical world from the perspective of German Jewish patients in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries


Preface By John Grenville And Raphael Gross

 I. The Perception Of Jews In German Society  

Aya Elyada: Yiddish – Language Of Conversion? Linguistic Adaptation And Its Limits In Early Modern Judenmission   Christian Stuart Davis: Colonialism And Antisemitism During The Kaiserreich: Bernhard Dernburg And The Antisemites   Michah Gottlieb:…

Preface By John Grenville And Raphael Gross


I. Jewish Identity


Amy Blau: Claims Of Language: Translation As A Mediation Of Jewish
Identity And The Yiddish Reception Of Nelly Sachs


Manfred Jehle: “Relocations” In South Prussia And New East Prussia:
Prussia’s Demographic Policy Towards The Jews In Occupied…

Preface By John Grenville And Raphael Gross


I. Sustenance For The Soul


Michael A. Meyer: German Jewish Thinkers Reflect On The Future Of The
Jewish Religion


Uta Lohmann: “Sustenance For The Learned Soul”: The History Of The
Oriental Printing Press At The Publishing House Of The Jewish Free School
In Berlin…

Preface By John Grenville And Raphael Gross


I. Intellectual Resistance In Theresienstadt


Miriam Intrator: The Theresienstadt Ghetto Central Library, Books And Reading: Intellectual Resistance And Escape During The Holocaust


II. Literary Interpretation And Intellectual History


Preface By John Grenville And Raphael Gross  


I. The End Of The War And The Holocaust   

Andreas Kossert: “Endlösung On The ‘Amber Shore’”: The Massacre In January 1945 On The Baltic Seashore – A Repressed Chapter Of East Prussian History  


II. Jewish Intellectuals   

Preface By John Grenville And Raphael Gross  

I. Religious Renewal  

Edward Breuer And David Sorkin: Moses Mendelssohn’s First Hebrew Publication: An Annotated Translation Of The Kohelet Mussar   This Is The First Translation Into English Of Moses Mendelssohn’s First Hebrew Work, The Kohelet Mussar Or Preacher Of Morals, Published Sometime In The…

Preface By John Grenville And Raphael Gross  

I. Jewish Intellectual Responses To Tradition And Modernity  

Astrid Deuber-mankowsky: Walter Benjamin’s Theological-political Fragment As A Response To Ernst Bloch’s Spirit Of Utopia   Taking Jacob Taubes’ Polemical Essay “Walter Benjamin – A Modern Marcionite?” As A Starting Point, This Article Aims…

Preface By John Grenville And Arnold Paucker  

I. Jews In The Age Of Metternich  

Edward Timms: The Pernicious Rift: Metternich And The Debate About Jewish Emanicipation At The Congress Of Viennna   Niall Ferguson: Metternich And The Rothschilds: “A Dance With Torches On Powderkegs”?   Robert J. W. Evans: Progress And Emancipation In Hungary…

Preface By John Grenville And Julius Carle  

I. Jewish Philosophy And Politics In The Enlightenment  

Rivka Horwitz: Kabbalah In The Writings Of Mendelssohn And The Berlin Circle Of Maskilim   Christoph Schulte: Saul Ascher’s Leviathan, Or The Invention Of Jewish Orthodoxy In 1792  

II. Jewish Acculturation And Scholarship…

Preface By John Grenville And Julius Carlebach  

I. German-jewish Intellectual Development From The Late Eighteenth To The Nineteenth Century  

Moshe Carmilly-weinberger: The Similarities And Relationship Between The Jüdisch-theologisches Seminar (Breslau) And The Rabbinical Seminary Of Budapest   Edward Breuer: The Deutsche Encyclopädie And The…

Religion and Jewish teaching


Zunz's Concept of Haggadah as an Expression of Jewish Spirituality by Maren R. Niehoff Hermann Cohen's Teaching Concerning Modern Jewish Identity (1904–1918) by Avi Bernstein-Nahar From “the Priestess of the Home” to “the Rabbi's Brilliant Daughter”. Concepts of Jewish Womanhood and Progressive Germanness in Die Deborahand the…
Individual and community in the age of emancipation


Marcus Mosse: A Jew in the Prussian Province of Posen by Elisabeth Kraus Between Orthodoxy and Reform, Revolution and Reaction: The Jewish Community in Ichenhausen, 1813–1861 by Lisa Harries-Schumann “Making Jargon Respectable” Leo Winz, Ost und West and the Reception of Yiddish Theatre in Pre-Hitler Germany by…
Intellectual history and religious thought


Mordechai Shnaber-Levison: The Life, Works and Thought of a Haskalah Outsider by Heinz Moshe Graupe Jakob Weil's Contribution to a Modern Concept of Haggadah by Maren R. Niehoff “How Awesome is this Place!” The Reconceptualisation of the Synagogue in Nineteenth-Century Germany by Michael A. Meyer The So-Called Quiet Years…
German and Austrian Jews in the fight against National-Socialist Germany


Resistance of German and Austrian Jews to the Nazi Regime 1933–1945 by Arnold Paucker German-and Austrian-Jewish Volunteers in Britain's Armed Forces 1939–1945 by John P. Fox The Jewish Exiles in the Service of US Intelligence: The Post-War Years by Guy Stern


Identity and emancipation


German-Jewish Identity in the Correspondence Between Rahel Levin Varnhagen and Her Brother, Ludwig Robert Hopes and Realities of Emancipation 1780–1830 by Heidi Thomann Tewarson Rhenish Liberalism and the Jewish Question in the Vormärz: The Case of the Kölnische Zeitung 1841–1847 by Anita Bunyan A Nineteenth-Century Yiddish Newspaper “…
German Jews in the era of emancipation


War and Patriotism in Sermons to Central European Jews: 1756–1815 by Marc Saperstein The Jews of Sachsen-Meiningen and the Edict of 1811 by Franz Levi Missionary Politics. Protestant Missions to the Jews in Nineteenth-Century Prussia by Christopher Clark Philanthropy, the “Social Question” and Jewish Identity in Imperial…
Jewish culture and religion


Jews, the Enlightenment and Religious Toleration – Some Reflections by David Sorkin Jewish Burials in Germany – Between Tradition, the Enlightenment and the Authorities by Falk Wiesemann History as Consolation by Ismar Schorsch Orthodoxy versus Reform: The Case of Rabbi Nehemiah Anton Nobel of Frankfurt a. Main by Rachel Heuberger

Burgeoning emancipation


Two Silent Minorities: Orthodox Jews and Poor Jews in Berlin 1770–1823 by Steven M. Lowenstein The World of Moses Mendelssohn by Eva Engel Holland


Jewish self-defence


Anti-Anti 1889/1892 by Jacob Toury The Rise of Jewish Defence Agitation in Germany, 1890–1895: A Pre-history of the C.V.? by Jacob…


Recent Historiography on the Jewish Religion by Michael A. Meyer Emancipation and Assimilation: Two Concepts and their Application to German-Jewish History by David Sorkin Jewish History and Jewish Historiography: A Challenge to Contemporary German Historiography by Moshe Zimmermann


Emancipation, acculturation, modernity…
Patterns of assimilation and acculturation


Jewish Conversions – A Measure of Assimilation? A Discussion of the Berlin Secession Statistics of 1770–1941 by Peter Honigmann The Myth of Sephardic Supremacy by Ismar Schorsch Public Opinion and the Proposed Emancipation of the Jews in Bavaria in 1849–1850 by James F. Harris Jewish Participation in the Deutscher…
The course of emancipation


Breakthrough into the Past: The Verein für Cultur und Wissenschaft der Juden by Ismar Schorsch Dohm's Treatise on the Jews: A Defence of the Enlightenment by Robert Liberles Problems and Limits of Assimilation: Hermann and Paul Wallich 1833–1938 by Werner E. Mosse The Foundations of German-Jewish Orthodoxy: An Interpretation by Julius…

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Introduction By Robert Weltsch

I. In Memoriam Leo Baeck

S. Moses: The Impact Of Leo Baeck's Personality On His Contemporaries

H. Liebeschutz: Judaism And The History Of Religion In Leo Baeck's Work

Eva Reichmann: Symbol Of German Jewry

From the past to the present


Jewish History As We See It by Selmar Spier Principles of German Policy towards the Jews at the Beginning of the Modern Era by Selma Stern-Taeubler The Terms of Emancipation 1781–1812: The public debate in Germany and its effect on the mentality and ideas of German Jewry by H. D. Schmidt In Memory of Two of Our Dead by Leo Baeck The…