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International Women’s Day 2024: Pauline Paucker

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Pauline Paucker

To mark International Women’s Day 2024, LBI London Director Joseph Cronin interviews Pauline Paucker at her home. She talks about her memories of the Institute, her work editing the Year Book, and her husband Arno Paucker, former Director of the Institute.

From the Director’s introduction:

“Over the past 65 years, Pauline Paucker has met just about everyone important who’s been involved with the LBI London. She’s worked on our Year Book, she’s been a scholar of German-Jewish women typographers, and of course she was married to the LBI London’s longstanding Director, Arno Paucker. So she has a lot of experience, and we tried to talk about as much of it as we could in the space of an hour! I hope you enjoy the conversation.”

Pauline Paucker’s testimony is a personal reminiscence, and the views expressed therein do not necessarily reflect those of the LBI London.