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LBI Film Club: Regina

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The Leo Baeck Institute London would like to welcome you to another free online screening at the LBI Film Club. We hope that all the film lovers among you will continue to enjoy our selection of interesting and thought-provoking films linked to the immensely rich, diverse and multi-faceted Jewish experience and will relish this latest offering in our LBI Film Club programme: 

Regina (2013) is a documentary on Regina Jonas (1902–1944) who became the first properly ordained woman rabbi in the world in 1935 whilst working in Berlin. Regina’s sermons and dedication brought encouragement to persecuted German Jews, before both she and Rabbi Josef Norden (the love of her life), were deported to Theresienstadt concentration camp by the Nazis.

Diana Groó’s poetic documentary Regina (2013) based on a single photograph as a primary visual source tells the story of Regina Jonas, the world’s first woman rabbi. The film won the Lia Award at the Jerusalem International Film Festival (2013) and the Warsaw Phoenix Award of Jewish Motifs International Film Festival (2014).


Directed and written by: Diana Groó
Cast: Rachel Weisz, Andrea Fullajtár, Krisztina Bíró
Produced by: Ivan Angelusz, Michael Truckenbrodt, Alan Reich, Gideon Wittenberg
Co-produced by: Joir and Kato Weisz Foundation
Music by: Daniel Kardos
Sound by: Daniel Bohm
Edited by: Agnes Mogor HSE
Documentary / Biography, 63 min, 2013, Hungary / UK / Germany
Language: English 


The link below will be active for a limited number of days – from 11/06/24 to 18/06/24.


To watch the film free of charge please click here: and enter the password: SIP0875

Enjoy the film!


We wish to thank Screenbound International Pictures Ltd for supporting us and organizing access to this film for our viewers. 

Further LBI Film Club screenings will be announced via our LBI website, Instagram and Facebook in the future. Please keep checking!


A special lecture about Regina Jonas by Rabbi Prof Elisa Klapheck will take place in conjunction with our exhibition The Library of Lost Books at the Wiener Holocaust Library on Monday July 1st at 6.00pm. For bookings and further information on this event please visit: