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Feuchtwanger Book Club - Die Oppermanns

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To celebrate the conference of the International Feuchtwanger Society coming to London in 2024, the Leo Baeck Institute London is organising a Feuchtwanger Book Club, focusing on the work of the acclaimed – but now somewhat forgotten – German Jewish novelist Lion Feuchtwanger. 

This book club, which will be held online between March and June 2024, will focus initially on a reading of Feuchtwanger’s 1933 novel The Oppermanns, a chronicle of the collapse of Weimar Germany and the rise of the Nazis, seen through the eyes of one German Jewish family. 

An English translation of The Oppermanns is widely available in various editions. You can also read it for free at the Internet Archive. (You can, if you prefer, read the novel in German.)

If time permits, we will also read and discuss some of Feuchtwanger’s other works, including The Devil in France (1941) and Josephus (1932). The book club sessions will be held on Wednesday afternoons from 13th March to 26th June 2024. The exact time will be determined by participants’ availability. It is open to everyone. 

If you are interested in participating, please contact Dr Joseph Cronin at: [email protected]