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Kristallnacht Remembrance Lecture

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Professor Raphael Gross, Professor Peter Pulzer, Sir Nicholas Montagu

On the anniversary of the November Pogroms please listen to our Kristallnacht Remembrance Lecture recording from 2013. Speakers are Professor Raphael Gross and Professor Peter Pulzer, with an introduction by Sir Nicholas Montagu KCB.


Opening words by Sir Nicholas Montagu KCB


November 1938: The Story of Herschel Grynszpan 

Raphael Gross's talk focuses on Herschel Grynszpan and the diverse reactions to his assassination of the German diplomat Ernst vom Rath. It tells the story of Grynszpan’s background and examine the various responses to and consequences of his action which was used by the Nazis as an excuse for the most significant pogrom against German Jews in history. 


The Night of Broken Glass: Looking back on the November Pogrom of 1938

Professor Peter Pulzer traces the evolution of the Nazi regime’s policies from initial uncertainties and hesitations through escalating discrimination and plunder to a determined decision to humiliate the remaining Jews on German territory, but also to isolate the rest of the German population from any identification with their Jewish neighbours. 


Postcards from Europe – A Musical Interlude

Marianne Olyver - violin

Michael Freyhan - piano 

Exploring the lost traditions of the music of Hans Gal, Peter Gellhorn, Alexander von Zemlinsky, Erwin Schulhoff and Robert Dauber, whose lives were profoundly affected by the rise of the Third Reich.

Postcards from Europe is supported by Markson Pianos. 



Professor Raphael Gross is former Director of the LBI London and also affiliated with the Fritz Bauer Institute Frankfurt and the Jewish Museum Frankfurt.

Professor Peter Pulzer (All Souls’ College, Oxford University, LBI London)

Sir Nicholas Montagu KCB 


Presented by the Leo Baeck Institute London, in cooperation with QMUL, School of History