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The History of the Leo Baeck Institute

Tutzing, 23-26 February 2004

Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem 

Organised by Prof Christhard Hoffmann (University of Bergen, Norway) 

The idea behind the the Tutzing workshop was to give the authors of the project The History of the Leo Baeck Institute, 1955–2005 the opportunity to meet and discuss first drafts (theses, outlines) of their papers with each other and with experts in the field. The workshop also gave an opportunity for fine- finetuning of contributions (to avoid overlap), exchange of source-material, practical preparations for the planned volume (as, for example, the preparation of a photo section in the volume: those who have photos of LBI - events were encouraged to bring a selection to Tutzing). It was understood that the papers presented are "works in progress" and not finished. We have scheduled this workshop at a relatively early stage of this project to allow for the discussion of concepts and interpretations, the exchange of ideas, and the revision of papers. 



23 February

Christhard Hoffmann
The founding history of the LBI

Ruth Nattermann

Frank Mecklenburg
Comment to: Mitchell Hart: The New York branch, 1955–2005

24 February

Nils Roemer
The London branch, 1955–2005

Raphael Gross

Guy Miron
The Jerusalem branch, 1955–2005

Shlomo Mayer

Stefanie Schüler-Springorum
The LBI in Germany

Michael Brenner

Aubrey Pomerance
The International Board of the LBI

25 February

Christhard Hoffmann
The Year Book of the LBI

Arnold Paucker

Miriam Gebhardt
The Lost World of German Jewry: Collecting and Preserving Memories

Monika Richarz

Till van Rahden
German-Jewish Identities: Debates on Assimilation/Acculturation

Reinhard Rürup

Jürgen Matthäus
Antisemitism and Jewish Self-defence (including the Nazi years)

Arnold Paucker

Robert Liberles:
The LBI and research on German Jewish history

26 February

Final discussion