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Discovering and Documenting England's Lost Jews

The Leo Baeck Institute London is delighted to announce its support of the Pascal Theatre Company’s latest research and workshop programme. Over the next eighteen months, this project will be exploring and documenting, the often hidden history of Sephardi Jews who came to England during the seventeenth century and stayed to enrich our culture and communities. On the 20th, 27th January and 3rd February the company will be running free morning drama workshops at Bevis Marks synagogue, London, exploring three different aspects of Sephardi history and culture. The workshops will include a tour of the synagogue. 

Sunday 20th January 2019 HIDING, SECRECY AND REVEALING - The Crypto Jews. A workshop looking at the history of the Crypto Jews: these were Jews who hid their identity and lived as Christians. 

Sunday 27th January 2019 NOVO CEMETERY – This workshop looks at the history of the Novo Cemetery in Queen Mary University, Mile End and will use drama to engage with, and explore, some of the stories and lives of the people buried there. 

Sunday 3rd February 2019 A REIMAGINED TIME LINE - Adding in Sephardi Hidden Histories. This workshop looks at the English history taught in many schools and the significant dates and events included in historical timelines. It will explore the histories that are hidden in the traditional narrative.